Marquee Game 'The Lost Glitches' to release on Xai for Dedicated Project Support and Ecosystem Growth

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 4:00pm UTC

Marquee Game 'The Lost Glitches' to release on Xai for Dedicated Project Support and Ecosystem Growth

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Backed by a talented team of experienced developers, The Lost Glitches brings a unique art style, and a powerful combination of role-playing and trading card game mechanics to Xai Network

GEORGETOWN, Cayman Islands, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Xai Foundation, core contributor to Xai, the leading Layer-3 blockchain network purpose built for gaming, today announced a partnership with game publisher Mimunga to release its upcoming breakout title The Lost Glitches.. The partnership will enable Mimunga and its development partner, award-winning studio Honig Studios, to continue development and innovation of The Lost Glitches with key support from Xai in distribution and community building, while giving players on Xai direct access to the visually stunning title that blends web2 and web3 experiences.

As part of the partnership, Xai Foundation is solidifying their belief in the game's potential by investing in The Lost Glitches to make Xai the official home for the title, benefitting from the speed, scalability, and no gas fees afforded to players, while making The Lost Glitches a flagship game accessible on the top gaming chain in the crypto industry.

Alexey Ivanov, CEO of The Lost Glitches, commented on today's news: "We've partnered with Xai due to the tremendous support from its team, who share our vision of creating games that are accessible to all gamers. Together, we are committed to integrating crypto elements such as wallets in a way that ensures a completely seamless experience, so gamers can enjoy the game without any frustration, regardless of their familiarity with crypto technology. Xai has invested in the project, but also attracted millions more in investment from additional investors which is a cut above any other chain on the market, ensuring that The Lost Glitches and our team will thrive."

Known for its highly-stylized art style, techno-optimistic world setting, and its RPG-style persistent progression, The Lost Glitches and Xai will deliver a breakthrough in web3 gaming integration by leveraging blockchain technology to meet the needs of TCG enthusiasts and jumpstart mass adoption for the sector.

"All it took was to see the art style and direction of this game for our team to see that we had something truly special on our hands," said Soby, a core contributor to Xai. "Once we saw the vastly different approach to web3 integration that the Lost Glitches team had implemented, we knew, without a doubt, that The Lost Glitches was a perfect fit for Xai and we are beyond excited to bring this high-quality gaming experience to our players."

The Lost Glitches was created by Mimunga on a simple premise of building an authentic Trading Card Game, with true trade-ability enabled by blockchain technology, and implementing a combined framework for the title that borrows the best aspects from the web2 and web3 player experience. The team focused on ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for players, as well as a familiar-feeling cosmetics store and battle pass, allowing players to engage with the game how they want to.

"One of the things we realized very early on was that web3 game developers are often aiming too high - focusing too much on delivering groundbreaking technology and not enough on making sure that the gaming experience is fun and engaging well after its launch," added Ivanov.

The game also has a rich ecosystem of expansions and add-ons for players to choose from, including exclusive cards and booster packs for cosmetic upgrades and collector edition cards. To download The Lost Glitches and start building a deck today, please visit EPIC GAMES STORE:

For more information and updates on The Lost Glitches, check out the game's Twitter and Discord.

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The primary objective of the Xai Foundation is to foster the growth of developers and games within the Xai AI blockchain ecosystem. This encompasses attracting third-party developers, implementing effective marketing strategies, and offering financing opportunities to web3 game developers. As the custodian of the blockchain and its associated token, the Xai Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting the integrity of the platform.

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About Mimunga
Mimunga is an indie game publisher driven by a love for immersive storytelling and stunning artistry. Founded to support and elevate indie developers, we provide the resources and environment for creative minds to thrive and bring innovative games to players everywhere - games like The Lost Glitches, a breakthrough Trading Card Game & RPG, with a unique art style. Each game we publish is an adventure, crafted to bring joy, foster connections, and celebrate the spirit of indie gaming. At Mimunga, every game is a journey and every developer has a story to tell.

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